'As I am one of a vast majority of people that do not like completing forms to express our utmost gratitude as it can sometimes be only tick box exercise or used for ratings that are not warranted after today and seeing all those children I have seen grow up and move from room to room and the education, care and total determination by all the staff devoted to all the children has inspired me to write this.

No words can every say how much thanks and praise we have, and how much Bobbles is held as the number one within the city.'

Keith Dutton

'Children are making good progress and they are very happy and settled in this nursery.'


'Children feel comfortable and enjoy their time in the setting. They settle quickly and build positive relationships with all staff. Parents comment on how welcome and well supported they feel and say that their children love coming to the setting.'


"I am 100% confident in the care that my children are receiving and I don't think I could possibly put into words the gratitude and admiration I have for all the staff. I honestly cannot fault any aspect of the care, love and education my boys receive."

Corina Smith

'Staff promote children's emotional security well. Staff help the children to settle when they are new to the nursery. They spend tie with them and their parents, getting to know the family's background and their child's experiences.'


'Children enjoy home-made delicious and nutritious food, which adheres to their dietary requirements.'


I feel all the staff at Bobbles are amazing at what they do and how they help our little ones develop. I highly recommend the nursery to anyone. Not only have they helped my sons with the everyday care, education and development and getting them ready for school but they have fully supported me too. Thank you for everything you do.'

Theresa Colclough

'Children enjoy a wide range of well thought out activities and resources indoors. Staff understand how children learn. They interact with children throughout their play, demonstrating, modelling and asking questions to extend their learning.'


'Children are making good progress and they are very happy and settled in this nursery. They have lots of fun and regularly giggle and laugh as they play with their friends.'


'Staff quickly identify children whose achievements are below what is expected for their age. They work very well with parents and other professionals, to help to support these children. This helps to make sure children with special educational needs and/or disabilities make good progress given their capabilities.'


'Kirsty and Sam started Oscar's journey and have made me a very happy mummy with the level of care they provided.'

'Jacqui was a fantastic key worker and pushed Oscar to achieve his top capability.'

'Jane- fantastic manager and we will truly miss her support and love shown towards us both.'

Carrieann Machin

'It is due to Thaddeus' attendance at Bobbles that has helped to mould him into the happy, confident and inquisitive boy that you see.'

'This is thanks to everyone who has worked with him since he was 8 months old.'

Katherine Bould